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How to Choose the Right DRaaS+ Solution for Your Company


Involta has been orchestrating IT transformations for our customers for nearly two decades. We help businesses change their worlds through technology, and the first step is understanding key details about each customer to ensure we put the right products and services in place.

We designed our Next Generation Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaas+) offering to support businesses with varying levels of in-house technical expertise and requirements. The Involta team helps customers select the DRaaS+ level they need, but these insights will get the ball rolling.

Which DRaaS+ Profile sounds most like your company?

“We Got This” — Standard DRaaS+

Teams that say “we got this” are more interested in Disaster Recovery and less interested in Service. Their in-house IT teams have the technical skills to plan, manage and test a DR solution effectively. They lean on Involta for DR infrastructure (housed in our owned, purpose-built data centers), which frees them up to focus on internal management, testing, preparedness and execution.

For companies skilled in DR management, our Standard DRaaS+ tier is a lower-cost solution that enables the internal team to manage the day-to-day management responsibilities.

Less direct involvement from Involta allows internal teams to leverage their existing firewall service and self-perform DR testing to ensure their self-directed DR plan will work as designed when needed. The best part? Standard DRaaS+ is housed on our highly-available infrastructure with no ingress or egress fees.

If your team knows what they’re about but needs assistance on the infrastructure side, Standard DRaaS+ is the right level of service for you.

“Let’s Do This Together” — Professional DRaaS+

Teams that say “let’s do this together” look to Involta for more guidance and support in areas where they’ve identified internal IT gaps. Their in-house IT teams want extra support for DR because their energy is focused on other areas of expertise. Involta is a more closely-involved DRaaS+ partner that takes the lead and works with the internal IT team to set a shared responsibility model.

For companies that require up-front guidance and some ongoing support, our Professional DRaaS+ tier is a solution that combines the best of both worlds.

As true partners, Involta will provide a virtual firewall and help set the direction and oversee the DR plan, providing an annual engineer-guided DR test and a best practices review. From there, the internal team can conduct additional in-house tests and manage daily operations. If they need help, they can access Involta’s 24x7x365 Service Desk with a 4-hour ticket response SLA.

If your team wants to leverage Involta’s expertise for DR infrastructure and annual testing, our Professional DRaaS+ is the right level of service for you.

“You Got This” — Elite DRaaS+

Teams that say “you got this” know that having Involta manage their DRaaS+ experience will allow them to protect their business without over-extending their team. Their in-house IT teams have enough on their plates with other duties and cannot take on the responsibility of DR management.

For companies that need to trust DR to a partner, our Elite DRaaS+ tier offers a true white-glove DRaaS+ experience.

Elite DRaaS+ puts most of the management responsibilities on Involta and allows for four engineer-guided DR tests and four best-practices reviews each year. Involta will help create a DR plan that makes sense for your company and offers 24x7x365 engineer-guided DR declaration in the event of a disaster. Elite DRaaS+ comes with a virtual firewall 2x7x365 Service Desk access with a 1-hour ticket response SLA.

If your team is ready to trust DR to the experts at Involta, our Elite DRaaS+ is the right level of service for you.

Comprehensive DR Plans that Ensure Your Business is Covered

Whatever level of Involta DRaaS+ you choose, you’ll get a predictable cost structure and the ability to optimize the sizing of your DR footprint today and into the future. We designed DRaaS+ to scale as your business needs change, so you can always access the coverage and support you need.


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