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The future is ark

The tides of data proliferation have shifted in the wake of AI, but ark’s commitment to delivering state-of-the-art infrastructure and solutions has never wavered. We saw the virtual flood of data coming years ago, and we’re ready to help you thrive in this rapid technological revolution with purpose-built data centers and a robust suite of innovative hybrid cloud solutions.

As an enterprise data center, hybrid cloud and network infrastructure partner, ark’s innovative solutions and expertise empower customers to elevate their technology strategy without sacrificing the grounded, collaborative approach of a trusted regional provider. Our data-driven, people-powered and future-focused approach is your key to rising above the flood.

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Excellence and innovation at every scale—it’s in ark’s DNA.

With modern infrastructure solutions, executive-level expertise and the ability to anticipate the quickly shifting tides of technology, ark is your trusted partner for protection at the edge.

Data Centers

We build enterprise-class facilities that meet the demands of the most stringent requirements and compliances. Because we own all the location assets and equipment, no matter where our customers are, they have access to reliable, scalable infrastructure.


Network is two-fold for ark. To power data centers, we know reliable network infrastructure is a must. We also leverage decades of experience with industry leaders, listening, learning and educating within our networks to develop strong relationships that power growth for our customers and partners.

AI + Automation

Architecting agile enterprise-grade technology solutions in this flurry of data gravity requires flexibility, power and automation. Being AI-ready and delivering responsive and scalable hybrid cloud solutions enables our customers to drive innovation and growth.

The Power, Performance and People You Need

Every company, regardless of size, knows that secure, modern technology solutions are paramount to transforming their strategy. And when every digital transformation journey comes with its own unique migration or deployment requirements, there’s no shortage of choices to be made about partners, technologies and systems.

ark is more than an enterprise data center—more than a cloud solution provider. We’re your trusted partner for protection in this deluge of data. We don’t shortchange our infrastructure or managed services; we integrate security best practices and leverage every tool in our toolbox to help you reimagine your world through our technology.

The long-lasting relationships we’ve cultivated with our partners, combined with our holistic approach to hybrid infrastructure strategy, empower our customers to stay ahead of the technology curve and stand out from the competition. We create purpose-built data centers from the ground up, supplementing infrastructure solutions with strategic, security-focused consulting and managed services—and we’re constantly exploring new hybrid options for optimizing cloud resources.

Partnership in Motion

We believe in:

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Superior Infrastructure

ark’s state-of-the-art, purpose-built facilities are the most reliable data centers in the regions we serve—and our full suite of hybrid cloud services is delivered with the same level of detail. We have the power and expertise to deliver the security, performance, agility and ease of scale needed to drive business growth.

Operational Excellence

We’re continually evolving our hybrid cloud, data center and network solutions with new strategies for efficient, predictable automation to keep us and our customers ahead of the curve. Supplemented with executive-level expertise, holistic architectural reviews and well-defined rigorous processes, we’re committed to delivering excellence at every scale, every time.

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People Who Deliver

Good relationships require trust, communication and collaboration. That’s why we hire, train and retain the best employees to ensure that these qualities are present in all of our valued partnerships. We pride ourselves on being subject matter experts you can call any time, whether you would like assistance or to offer feedback on how we can do better.

Our Partners

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