Customized connections for optimal performance

Involta offers a full suite of enterprise internet and fiber network solutions, from basic connectivity to several high-speed fiber options.

Custom, carrier-neutral, highly available

Increase your network reliability and make your life easier with Involta’s enterprise fiber internet and carrier services. Our data centers operate as 100% carrier-neutral environments featuring ISP connections to most regional and national carriers. So whether you use Involta’s blended Internet or connect directly to a carrier inside one of our data centers, you’ll be supported by multiple dedicated fiber optic conduit entrances, creating diversely fed, carrier-neutral fiber optic entries.

With an extensive fiber network and partnerships with top carriers, we provide:

  • Full suite of business connectivity and internet services
  • Point-of-Presence (POP) in Involta facilities
  • Blended and highly available internet
  • Thousands of miles of Involta-owned fiber

Business Connectivity

Just a few of the business connectivity options available to you through Involta:

  • Internet Services (IPv4 & IPv6 addressing, BGP, High availability Options)
  • Metro Ethernet Services (P2P, P2MP, Full Mesh)
  • MPLS Services
  • Lit fiber
  • Dark fiber
  • DSL, T1, DS3, ATM (through 3rd party carriers)

Internet Services

Involta’s team of expert enterprise internet providers delivers blended, highly available enterprise business internet services from multiple carriers to clients within our data centers. You also have the option to access the internet from one of the many carriers that have points of presence (POP) in our facilities as a primary or supplementary circuit.

By accessing multiple internet service providers (ISPs) simultaneously, our IP connectivity is reliable, redundant, flexible and cost-effective, which means you’ll enjoy a constant connection and outstanding network performance.

Involta internet services include:

  • IPv4 address allocation
  • Optional IPv6 address allocation
  • Routed ports
  • Optional BGP peering
  • Redundant link options
  • Bandwidth options from 1 Mbps+
  • Flexible burstable billing options that are based on 95th percentile billing

Choose your bandwidth

Internet connectivity is where each workday begins. And since every day can’t be 100% predictable, we know that you need flexible internet options.

While some businesses know exactly how much bandwidth they need, others require some flexibility to meet demand. That’s why we offer a variety of bandwidth choices.

So whether you want a stand-alone IP access package or you want to add it onto one of your other Involta services, our internet connectivity is here to work for you.

Get Connected Today

With this option there is no bursting capability. If a server peaks above the purchased amount, you will not be able to instantly accommodate the extra need, however you will not be billed for more than your pre-set amount. This pricing model is excellent for servers that have very predictable bandwidth needs with no bursting capability.

Also known as 95th percentile billing. You set your base amount and we assign a burst limit. Your connection can burst up to the max burst amount. You are billed on a 95th percentile basis on a 30-day billing cycle – meaning Involta measures traffic over a 30-day period, excludes the highest 5 percent of your traffic readings and you are billed at the 95th percentile utilization mark. This option is favorable if you experience short but high traffic spikes that are unpredictable.

You are assigned a discrete bandwidth level. You have the capability to exceed your bandwidth level and are charged for any overages on a monthly basis. This option can be desirable if you want bursting capability, but have a very predictable traffic ingress/egress pattern. This typically represents a savings over the bursting option as long as your traffic pattern is predictable and consistent.

Carrier Connectivity

 Agile Network
 Fidelity Voice and Data
 Syringa Network
 Level 3
 Northeast Services Cooperative
 Paul Bunyan