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Security at the core.

Your company’s security is our top priority. The ark team has been prioritizing security and compliance since we opened our first data center over 15 years ago. To us, being an enterprise cybersecurity solutions provider is about more than protecting customer environments and neutralizing potential threats before they can impact operations. It’s about creating a culture of security that everyone can get behind.

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Our team of security experts is equipped with an arsenal of cyberwar defense technologies.

ark’s cybersecurity solutions are enhanced by our team of People Who Deliver. We collaborate with your team to drive uncompromising excellence every step of the way.

Managed Security

Security is an around-the-clock, 24/7/365 job—but it doesn’t have to be your job. That’s where ark’s comprehensive security services come in. Allow us to monitor your environments, find potential vulnerabilities and solve issues on your behalf. When it comes to expert cybersecurity services, the ark team has got you covered.

Security Strategies Developed For Highly Regulated Industries

We’re proud of the robust suite of enterprise cybersecurity solutions we’ve built. We’ve combined the best products, services and partnerships to provide our customers with leading-edge information security solutions. 


Visibility and protection throughout your facilities and across your entire value chain.


Proprietary toolsets developed specifically for patient privacy, compliance and resilience.


Cutting-edge solutions focused on protection and new tactics such as password spraying and card cracking.

Financial Services

100% uptime SLAs enabled by purpose-built data centers and dedicated security team monitoring.

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