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Keeping You Connected

Stay connected as you scale with ark’s interconnection options and network infrastructure. We leverage a keen understanding of your business needs and a wealth of experience to help expand your network and optimize daily operations.

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Thrive in a hyper-connected world.

Interconnectivity is one of the most effective ways for businesses to access important resources that support daily operations. By establishing a robust network of interconnected systems, organizations can facilitate seamless communication, data sharing and resource accessibility across locations. We connect globally dispersed employees to mission-critical infrastructure within a reliable and secure environment.

Interconnection highlights

  • Diverse interconnection with dozens of national carriers and fiber hotels 
  • Predictable scaling with low latency for real-time business continuity 
  • Enterprise-class network security with 24/7/365 performance monitoring
  • Private connection to national hyperscale providers
  • Protection from interruptions and single points of failure
  • Scale on demand to meet workloads
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Why connect to just one ...
when you can connect to many?

 Agile Network
 Fidelity Voice and Data
 Syringa Network
 Level 3
 Northeast Services Cooperative
 Paul Bunyan

Leverage ark’s suite of interconnection options.

ark owns an extensive fiber network and partners with top carriers to provide a full suite of business connectivity and Internet services, Point-of-Presence (POP) in ark facilities, blended and highly available Internet and thousands of miles of ark-owned fiber.

  • Internet Services (IPv4 & IPv6 addressing, BGP, High availability Options)
  • Ethernet Services (P2P, P2MP, Full Mesh)
  • Cloud Onramp
  • Fiber
  • IPv4 address allocation
  • Optional IPv6 address allocation
  • Routed ports
  • Optional BGP peering
  • Redundant link options
  • Bandwidth options from 1 Mbps+
  • Flexible burstable billing options that are based on 95th percentile billing
  • Flat bandwidth
  • Bandwidth bursting

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