Seamlessly Navigate Your Cloud Transition with Involta LifeRaft

Involta LifeRaft is a turnkey solution for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) impacted by the recent shifts in VMware’s partnership and licensing dynamics following Broadcom’s acquisition. Fortify your MSP offerings in the VMware ecosystem and continue delivering top-notch services to your customers with Involta LifeRaft.

Who is this for?

Are you an MSP who has found yourself outside of the new VMware by Broadcom CSP program? If so, Involta LifeRaft is here for you. This turnkey provides a secure path that enables them to continue servicing their VMware-reliant customers.


What is LifeRaft?

Involta LifeRaft is a 12/24/36-month white-label license resale program designed to offer MSPs a frictionless continuation of VMware services. It’s an embodiment of Involta’s commitment to delivering swift, equitable solutions that ensure the success of the entire cloud ecosystem, providing uninterrupted delivery of your invaluable services to cloud customers.

We offer:

  • A transparent pricing model with a monthly payment structure
  • Frictionless continuation of VMware-reliant services
  • Comprehensive support
  • Technical assurance with direct pathways to VMware for solving complex issues


Tired of hardware refreshes and complex cost models? Stick with Involta.

While Involta LifeRaft options start at 12-month terms, your journey with Involta doesn’t have to end there. During your initial 12 months with Involta LifeRaft, we’re excited to guide you towards Involta’s Private Cloud, a future where your VMware licensing and cloud infrastructure evolve symbiotically, amplifying your focus on customer relationships and operational prowess without the burdens of hardware management. Involta’s Private Cloud offers a sustainable path for growth, emphasizing compliance, modern operations and customer-centric service.