Data-Driven Transportation & Logistics with Involta DRaaS+


The transportation and logistics industry is critical to the global economy—moving people and products efficiently around the clock takes precision, coordination and large volumes of data pertaining to inventory, shipments, routes and client information. CRST, The Transportation Solution, Inc. (CRST) is a transportation service provider powered by an engaged, talented team of drivers, mechanics and office personnel. Founded in 1955, CRST has grown from a mom-and-pop shop in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to a national player with an ever-expanding footprint. Keeping the CRST team connected and up to date is paramount for business continuity and requires sophisticated IT infrastructure. Even a moment of downtime could be catastrophic, leading CRST leadership to pursue a reliable and resilient Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution. Involta DRaaS+ fit the bill, but Involta’s commitment to excellent customer service cemented the relationship.


DRaaS+ Basics

Even though it’s one of the most critical risks to address, disaster recovery is often overlooked on the basis of expense. But when disaster strikes, every hour of downtime poses a significant risk to a business’s ability to survive. 

Involta DRaaS+ offers three comprehensive service tiers, ranging from full self-service to a variety of premium-level support options. Each tier was carefully designed to help businesses power through disruptions, avoid downtime and get back up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. We house all DRaaS+ environments in our purpose-built owned data centers with no ingress or egress fees and 99.99-100% uptime SLAs for infrastructure and platform.

Outcome Summary

  • CRST needed a swift DRaaS solution, and Involta delivered with responsiveness and clear communication, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition and minimizing any potential disruptions 
  • Involta DRaaS + delivered a comprehensive disaster recovery solution that has significantly enhanced CRST’s confidence in its ability to withstand unforeseen challenges
  • Collaboration and communication throughout the implementation process demonstrated Involta’s commitment to customer satisfaction

The Challenges

Minimizing Disruptions and Meeting Timelines

In the world of transportation and logistics, time is everything. It translates directly to customer satisfaction, safety, production and profitability. Maintaining uptime during the DRaaS+ implementation was non-negotiable, as CRST had teams, trucks and products continually moving across the country.

Involta put together a dedicated DRaaS+ implementation team, seamlessly planning and executing the process. Upfront planning, experienced team members and a commitment to minimizing disruptions all contributed to CRST’s successful implementation.

Scaling to Meet Demand

CRST has 15+ office and shop locations across the country and thousands of drivers on the road at any given time. This footprint generates an incredible amount of data that requires secure storage. Protecting CRST’s IT environment from disruptions like natural disasters or infrastructure failures was critical.

Involta DRaaS+ Standard offered a carefully designed and optimized environment that provided CRST with the service it needed to power through potential disruptions, avoid downtime and get back up and running after a disaster as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Challenges

Selecting the Right DRaaS Tier

Involta and CRST weighed the benefits of each DRaaS+ service tier, ultimately deciding to implement the Standard DRaaS+ level across CRST’s national footprint. A 24-hour ticket response SLA and self-service disaster recovery testing and disaster recovery plan offered a healthy shared responsibility and ensured CRST would be able to respond quickly in the event of a disaster.

Leading an Engineer-Guided DR Test

The Involta team walked CRST’s internal IT team through an engineer-guided DR test, clearly identifying the shared roles and responsibilities required for a Standard DRaaS+ engagement. This first test was successful, effectively safeguarding CRST’s business against potential disasters. Involta and CRST will continue to work together annually to ensure everything stays in order.

Ongoing Monitoring and Management

DRaaS+ is a shared responsibility offering housed in Involta’s purpose-built owned data centers. As a trusted disaster recovery and business continuity partner, Involta houses CRST’s DR environment in our purpose-built data centers, enabling CRST’s internal team to spearhead ongoing monitoring and management activities. Today, CRST is resilient, protected and strongly positioned to withstand unforeseen disasters.

Involta DRaaS+

Avoid Downtime At All Costs

Unplanned downtime can cost anywhere from $900 to $17,000 per minute, and it only takes a single disaster to ruin a business. Investing in Involta’s DRaaS+ will get the right services in place to help businesses avoid catastrophic data loss, malicious attacks or unplanned downtime. We partner with clients on DR plan development, engineer-guided DR testing, engineer-guided DR declaration, and more for an emphasis on true business resiliency.

Accessibility. Redundancy. Reliability.

We designed Involta DRaaS+ to protect our clients’ critical business data. Without a disaster recovery strategy in place, businesses have a 1 in 10 chance of surviving a disruptive event. DRaaS+ ensures our customers have the right services in place to protect essential business systems and data in the event of a natural, human-made or technological disaster.

Our DRaaS+ solution is solid, and it’s backed by the power of Involta—an entire team of People Who Deliver that is dedicated to ensuring essential business systems and data remain secure in the event of a natural, human-made or technological disaster.

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