Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Organization - A Move to AWS Workspaces

About MediRevv

MediRevv is a healthcare revenue cycle management and coding business that helps healthcare organizations across the U.S. improve cash flow and grow revenue. MediRevv offers end-to-end revenue cycle management, patient pay, insurance accounts receivables follow-up and medical coding services to create a constant balance among partners, people and performance. MediRevv has experienced rapid growth and expects to continue that growth into the future. Like many organizations experiencing rapid growth, their existing in-house VDI technology stack could not keep pace with their trajectory and a radical change was necessary.

Outcome Summary

  • AWS Workspaces to replace aging Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and enable rapid on-boarding of employees
  • Multi-region approach to ensure low-latency connectivity
  • Ability to instantiate 10s or even 100s of virtual desktops to support its rapid growth, without having to worry about scaling beyond their hardware, network or power capacity

The Challenges

Time for a New Technology Strategy

Chris Klitgaard, the CEO of MediRevv met with Involta for an initial engagement that included contract CIO services and developing a new technology strategy that could support their growth, security, compliance, and resilience needs. The strategy resulted in the creation of numerous parallel “work streams,” all addressing various business and technology needs. Although Involta’s work with MediRevv included far more than just VDI, Involta will focus on VDI for the purposes of this case study.

Outgrowing VDI Platform

MediRevv’s existing VDI platform served them well as they were growing their business. However, it became clear that it had begun to outlive its purpose, and MediRevv had to make a decision whether to make a large capital investment to bring in massive amounts of new hardware or look to a different solution. After various POC activities with both traditional hosted VDI and public cloud-based services, the decision was made to move forward with public cloud.

The Transition

Readiness and Communication Training Guides

This was a drastic change for MediRevv, whose IT organization had always developed, managed, and supported assets in-house. It was also a new way of working for the business lines. To ensure success, Involta focused heavily on the People Side of Change. Involta’s seasoned change and training architects built readiness and communication plans and training guides to educate new and existing staff.

Following the Design Process

The architects were a constant voice of calm and organization during those sometimes-chaotic changes that businesses must endure. Involta cloud and security architects followed its standard service design process to build a solution that would meet the needs of the technology, security and business organizations.

The Outcomes

Fast & Secure Access to Systems

The chosen design took a multi-region approach to ensure low-latency connectivity, with direct connections back to an Involta Data Center where MediRevv had chosen to migrate the majority of their production platforms. This enabled fast and secure access to the systems employees used the most and provided a stable and performant user experience.

Support of Rapid Growth

MediRevv was able to instantiate 10s or even 100s of virtual desktops to support its rapid growth, without having to worry about scaling beyond their hardware, network or power capacity. Also, they were able to rely on a nearly limitless supply from Amazon, which allowed them to focus efforts on innovative solutions to better serve their clients.

Nearly Limitless Supply, Security & Compliance

In addition, MediRevv benefited from residing in Amazon’s world-class data centers that met all security and compliance regulations applicable to MediRevv and their clients. MediRevv is continuing their rapid expansion in the revenue cycle management industry, and the services Involta provided has helped the IT organization support those lofty business goals through a solid partnership of transparency, collaboration and respect.

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