Making growth possible in the food processing industry

Large, Iowa-Based Food Processing Company

A large, Iowa-based food processing company had recently undergone a shift in upper Information Technology (IT) management. Leadership within the company was questioning whether the existing organization and infrastructure were sufficient to meet business requirements and growth goals. The company knew they did not have resources on staff to make this determination.

Outcome Summary

  • The company was able to meet it’s strategic growth goals including the purchase of three additional companies – closing IT gaps to allow for future growth
  • Involta contracted for IT infrastructure and infrastructure management

The Challenges

IT Organization Assessment

Through reputation referral, Involta was recommended as having expertise in helping IT organizations realign to operate more efficiently and meet strategic business goals. After several introductory and scoping meetings, Involta was contracted to provide an assessment of the IT organization and infrastructure. An in depth review of IT staff and processes was conducted to gauge skill sets relative to assigned roles and process maturity relative to ITIL standards.

IT Infrastructure Assessment

A separate assessment was conducted to analyze core components of the IT infrastructure. Compute, storage, network and telephony services were reviewed relative to industry standards and capacity to at-enterprise level. A security assessment to identify potential vulnerabilities was also included.

The Transition

Findings Reveal Challenges to Growth Goals

The findings for each assessment were delivered in detailed reports and presented to the president of the company. The findings revealed that the IT organization was severely undersized, lacking appropriate processes and untrained to meet the challenges of growth. The IT infrastructure was improperly deployed, running on underpowered, obsolete hardware and incapable of scaling to enterprise levels. Several critical security issues were identified that presented an imminent threat to the business.

Remediation of Findings

Involta was engaged again on a per-project basis to assist with the remediation of findings from the assessments, as well as to help implement a change control board and other recommended processes. 

The Outcomes

Strategic Growth Goals Met

Since contracting Involta’s services, the company has been able to meet its strategic growth goals. It has purchased three additional companies and has been able to close IT gaps to allow for future growth.

IT Infrastructure and Infrastructure Management Outsourced to Involta

Having earned the company’s trust and proven our capability to deliver, the clients ultimately decided to have its primary IT infrastructure hosted in the Involta Marion Data Center, in Iowa, and to outsource all infrastructure management to Involta. Involta now maintains personnel on-site at the customer location that work directly with IT as well as other departments and business units.

Long-Term Relationship

Throughout the history of Involta the relationship with the client has continued to provide an increasingly greater value and is now a trusted partner working together to drive strategic initiatives and achieve the goals of the business.

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