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Beyond Gridiron Glory: Wisconsin’s Tech Scene Takes Center Stage


Involta’s MVP Strategy to Drive Growth across a Major Midwest Digital Hub

Involta’s Playbook To Deliver Winning Enterprise Colocation, Cloud and Connectivity Across Green Bay and Beyond

Wisconsin, a state widely known for its storied football legacy and agricultural expertise, is in the middle of an exciting digital transformation. Quickly emerging as a dynamic hot spot for innovation and technological advancement and designated as a Regional Tech Hub by the Biden Administration, Wisconsin is poised for rapid growth in several tech-focused industries, including the healthcare technology sector. At the epicenter of this tech boom, Involta is playing a key role in shaping the expanding digital ecosystem and harnessing the power of connectivity to support groundbreaking advancements in Wisconsin’s innovation.

Wisconsin’s Thriving Tech Ecosystem: By the Numbers
According to a Brooking Institution report, Wisconsin markets are at the top of the list for mid-size U.S. cities with the most technological growth potential. Madison comes in at No. 1, and Milwaukee-Waukesha-West Allis was recognized as No. 17 in terms of share of the population with bachelor’s degrees or higher, granted STEM doctoral degrees and university spending on STEM research and development. 

The state’s top-ranked higher education institutions, such as the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison Area Technical College and Milwaukee Area Technical College, provide a strong pipeline of tech talent. The state’s technical college system offers more than 800 technical degree programs, with nearly 5,000 engineering degrees and certificates awarded in Wisconsin in 2021. 

Wisconsin is also ranked as one of the best states in the country for doing business, earning an A+ for ease of starting a business from the Thumbtack Small Business Friendliness Survey. To drive additional growth and advancement, tax incentives are also available for manufacturing and agriculture companies.

Benefitting from a steady stream of STEM talent combined with a thriving business climate, Wisconsin is leading in innovation across several industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, agriculture, energy and healthcare. A major contributor to Wisconsin’s thriving tech ecosystem is its renowned biotech and personalized medicine sector, which employs over 51,000 employees and has more than 2,000 biohealth companies calling the state home. Now dubbed one of 31 regional tech hubs across the country, Wisconsin will be eligible for millions of dollars in federal funding to advance its mission to become the world’s leader in biotech, in addition to bolstering economic growth and job creation.

Winning In Wisconsin With Involta
As opportunities in Wisconsin continue to evolve, Involta is proud to play a key role in meeting the rising need for colocation and connectivity to support enterprise and regional growth. In December, we acquired a 24.5-acre site housing an existing data center located in the Village of Harrison, approximately 30 miles from Green Bay. We are planning a multi-phased approach to expand the current data center footprint to develop a campus with up to 20MW of capacity, making it our first double-digit colocation location. The future campus is perfectly positioned to meet rising enterprise colocation demands and support the rapidly growing needs and performance requirements of critical high-tech industries as they expand across the state. Additionally, our enterprise colocation and IT services will support the ever-growing workloads of high-performance computing and AI applications, leveraging the Green Bay area as a highly desirable location for edge deployments.

This big play is only the beginning. At the epicenter of Involta’s expansive data center network, the 20-MW campus will bolster the company’s future development of energy-efficient data centers and bring robust, redundant fiber infrastructure to the Wisconsin market, driving more connectivity both locally and nationally while delivering unmatched access to our award-winning Midwest data centers from Iowa to Minnesota to Ohio.

The Ultimate Play: Involta SecurePower Colocation
Involta’s Wisconsin data center will feature our latest innovation in data center colocation for enterprises—Involta SecurePower Colocation (SecurePower). Designed to meet the increasing demands of mission-critical infrastructure in the digital era, SecurePower has a simple promise: Reliable. Secure. Scalable.

This service is a reflection of our commitment to uncompromising excellence in data center management, designed to provide adaptability and scalability, robust construction and facility design, resilience to future-proof your business and sustainability through energy-efficient strategies. Notably, SecurePower is a cost-effective option with pricing that aligns directly with power usage to achieve a more transparent, scalable and predictable pricing model.

Involta’s SecurePower Colocation solution offers two usage options:

  • Involta SecurePower All-In: A comprehensive yet simple power-based consumption solution with a fixed monthly rate covering all necessary infrastructure and power needs, including rack space, cooling and UPS.
  • Involta SecurePower Flexible Commit: A more adjustable solution if your workload fluctuates from month to month. Each month, you’ll be charged for actual power usage with the ability to burst as needed without losing access to mission-critical workloads.

To learn more about Involta’s SecurePower Colocation solutions, visit our service web page.

Touchdown for Enterprise Tech
As Wisconsin continues to solidify its position as a growing tech hub, the possibilities are endless for enterprises across a wide variety of industries—as long as the demand for power, capacity and connectivity can be met. Involta is excited to be at the center of Wisconsin’s pivotal tech growth, leading the pack to help enterprises score big with our Green Bay data center campus and Involta SecurePower Colocation solutions, and delivering the data center services of the future to empower further growth and success across enterprises in this thriving tech hub. 

For more information on Involta’s Green Bay data center, visit our Wisconsin data center page.

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