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Walking the Digital Transformation Tightrope: How to Balance EHR Innovation and Compliance


Michelle Moran, Involta SVP of Sales, Product and Marketing recently led a webinar for Becker’s Hospital Review: Walking the Digital Transformation Tightrope: How to Balance EHR Innovation and Compliance. She was joined by  Clark Duvall, Involta Sales Account Executive, Healthcare Practice; George Morris, Global Healthcare CIO at Dell Technologies and Chris Carmody, UPMC’s CTO. 

The distinguished panel explored how technology companies with multi-cloud hosting strategies can help healthcare organizations improve patient care, reduce costs, minimize security risks, and streamline operations. In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights from the conversation.  

The healthcare industry is expanding its cloud strategy. 

Across the board, EHR accessibility increases patient satisfaction. When organizations utilize secure, efficient multi-cloud practices, they reduce in-house redundant IT practices and deploy more resources back into clinical practices. Digital transformation also enables healthcare providers to scale for performance, governance, financial predictability and security. As more tech companies prioritize cloud-based practices over application-based installations, healthcare organizations need to plan for the future; a strategic technology partnership can empower you to determine how to effectively deploy your resources within your own unique, evolving ecosystems. 

Strong partnerships are the foundation for growth. 

It takes teamwork to promote convenient care for both patients and practitioners. When building relationships, it’s important for healthcare organizations to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) that define expectations. From security responsibilities to operating model changes, service-level agreements can help define roles so your organization can optimize technologies and transform practices. Third-party relationships are an extension of your organization, so it’s essential to trust that a partner can provide transparent and frictionless technology, resiliency and a flexible journey that seamlessly focuses on healthcare. 

Digital transformation can be reliable, predictable and scalable. 

Adopting cost-effective cloud practices can be intimidating. It’s important to understand the data migration and privacy hurdles in order to scale EHR accessibility with ease. The key is to rely on a technology partner with the infrastructure to identify the next steps in your organization’s digital evolution, leverage preexisting workflows and best practices, predict and minimize risks and discover new capabilities to bring about technological confidence in clinicians. Whether you’re contemplating data migration or EHR accessibility, your organization needs a committed technology partner who can ensure reliable, predictable and scalable technology that allows you to think beyond colocation into the future.

Involta: Your Healthcare Organization’s Digital Partner

Involta operates as a strategic partner to healthcare organizations. We provide unique flexibility in your digital transformation journey by assessing your entire ecosystem to determine where you are now, where you want to go, and how your workloads are best suited for your development. Involta sets up a dedicated account team to work with you as your strategy and execution plans evolve. As an infrastructure partner, we address your application needs, and we’re a reliable resource responsible for providing solutions by leveraging best practices with colocation or hybrid cloud strategies. 

In a time when healthcare is faced with complex challenges, Involta is passionate about helping you provide exceptional, dependable care that drives better patient outcomes.

Reach out when you’re ready to make patient-first support easier and more secure. Involta will help you Get There.

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