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Technology: The Heartbeat of Healthcare


Involta Delivers Mission-Critical Connectivity and Security Solutions to Achieve Better Outcomes for Patients

In recent years, the healthcare industry has experienced unmatched progress. From the emergence of telemedicine to the development of wearable IoT devices to 3D bioprinting, innovation is at the core of advancing patient care. With a vast number of cutting-edge technologies introduced so rapidly, one thing is certain: IT is the heartbeat of healthcare. Healthcare organizations must continue to establish and maintain reliable, robust cybersecurity strategies and IT infrastructure to effectively support the most advanced innovations of today and stay ahead of the future.

For almost two decades, Involta has been at the center of healthcare technology and understands the IT challenges of leading organizations. We have our finger on the pulse of the industry, and we are dedicated to providing innovative healthcare cybersecurity solutions, IT infrastructure and data center services to support precision medicine, PACs/imaging, data analytics, telemedicine, electronic health records applications and much more.

Let’s get to the heart of the challenges today’s healthcare organizations face and how Involta’s solutions inject a vital boost of reliability, innovation and efficiency to enable further growth and success. Together, we can achieve better outcomes for your patients and organization.


Cyber Attacks Impact Patient Safety
In today’s digital age, cybersecurity has become a critical aspect for all healthcare organizations, with the number of data breaches in the healthcare industry increasing every year. According to The HIPAA Journal, new records were set in 2023 for the highest number of reported data breaches and the highest number of breached patient records. In the previous year, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) received reports of 725 data breaches, and these breaches exposed or disclosed over 133 million records in total.

Malicious actors are leveraging increasingly sophisticated tactics to infiltrate networks with the intent to disrupt operations. In addition to significant financial losses, the consequences of data breaches and other cyber attacks can be dire, posing a threat to patient safety. Incidents that prevent access to patient records, such as ransomware attacks, supply chain compromises and cloud infrastructure breaches, can cause harmful delays in medical procedures, longer waits for test results and even an increase in mortality rates.


Involta’s Prescription for Success
The good news is that Involta’s broad portfolio of healthcare security solutions was created to keep IT environments safe. We prioritize security in all of our services so health providers can focus on what they do best—delivering exceptional patient-first care.

Offering reliability and protection for mission-critical IT infrastructure and data, Involta’s solutions deliver numerous benefits to our healthcare clients:

  • Easy, reliable access to Electronic Health Records (EHRs) for patients, physicians and nurses
  • Safe and secure transmission of EHRs and data
  • Streamlined patient-doctor relationships, reliable patient portals and access to telemedicine
  • Easy adoption of medical technology innovations
  • Protection for personal and work mobile devices, including laptops, tablets and cell phones
  • Reliable broadband connections to other providers through secure and safe networks


Strong IT Infrastructure is Vital to the Patient Experience
In addition to an airtight security strategy, organizations need reliable healthcare data center services, connectivity and IT infrastructure solutions that enable them to provide easier, more secure patient-first care.

Involta’s PULSE PlatformSM is hosted in our fully redundant SOC 2-audited data centers. Our data centers set the standard for industry-leading security, redundant power and climate control in edge markets across the country, providing the power necessary to run and protect healthcare organizations’ operations.

We’re proud to say that our colocation uptime exceeds HIPAA and industry standards. Our proven reliability, availability, performance and low latency for clinical applications across the country have been trusted by our healthcare clients for years.

Our PULSE PlatformSM was developed to provide critical IT support through a robust suite of services:

  • Consulting
  • Infrastructure and security
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Storage and backup/recovery as a service
  • Cloud services
  • Colocation and managed data center services


A Dose of Expertise, Innovation and Care
Involta is deeply committed to serving the healthcare industry and delivering the best-in-class technology and expertise needed to provide exceptional patient care. Here are a few more ways we demonstrate our commitment to serving our healthcare clients:

  • Involta is at the head of the KLAS. This year, we received a high rating of 94.9/100 from KLAS, an esteemed firm that conducts thorough research and reviews to rank and score healthcare IT organizations.
  • Our team leverages the knowledge and expertise of the Involta Healthcare Advisory Board, a strategic group of top healthcare executives who share important insights and trends related to the ever-changing healthcare landscape.
  • We participate in industry events throughout the year that allow us to build strong relationships within the healthcare community and help us meet our clients’ needs more effectively. Involta is involved with the Northern Ohio Chapter of HIMSS, a group dedicated to enhancing professional knowledge and fostering leadership in healthcare and healthcare-related industries.
  • Involta proudly volunteers our time, resources and energy to support the communities that support us. We’ve been working with the Akron Children’s Hospital since 2022, hosting toy and donation drives, assembling sleep kits for families in need and participating in their Miracles and Promises Radiothon to brighten the lives of children and families in Northern Ohio.

Today, our hearts beat proudly as we continue to play a key role within this vibrant and thriving industry, delivering IT and security solutions that allow healthcare organizations to embrace new technologies with ease and keep critical data secure. Together, we can achieve better outcomes for patients and providers and shape the future to deliver exceptional care.

Visit our healthcare web page to see how we can support your healthcare organization. To learn more about our commitment to the healthcare industry, read our recent blog.

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