As of May 15, 2024, Involta began operating under the name Ark Data Centers. This content may contain references to our former company name.

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Security-Driven Colocation from Involta


IT security is at the core of everything we do at Involta. That’s not just lip service. We approach every aspect of our business with a security-first mindset. That’s been our practice since day one, and it’s never been more essential to our clients. For Involta, security is about more than protecting client environments and neutralizing potential threats before they can impact operations. It’s about creating a culture of security that everyone can get behind.

Security begins in our data centers.

Anatomy of a Highly-Secure Involta Data Center

Involta builds data centers in geographic safe zones around the country, and we monitor each location 24/7/365. Our facilities in Arizona, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio and Pennsylvania serve markets across the country in strategic locations that enhance all aspects of security. This allows us to offer highly secure colocation services to clients around the nation.

Every Involta purpose-built data center has a hardened shell of 12-inch concrete panels that offer floor-to-ceiling separation. We also require our structures to withstand 160+ mph straight-line winds or an EF3 tornado. In today’s unpredictable climate, we prefer to err on the side of structural integrity.

We weave multiple layers of security into our data centers to ensure that access is granted only to the appropriate individuals and thoroughly logged and retained. All visitors must have pre-approved clearance and an Involta escort before moving beyond the lobby.

Inside the data hall, design and innovation matter. On the data center floor, cold-aisle containment via an innovative overhead cooling system ensures clients maximize their investment and can run high-performance computing. Hot aisles promote energy efficiency in private, public and shared spaces.

Involta clients have access to an onsite 24/7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC) and can rest assured knowing their information is always treated as confidential by our staff, who are industry-trained and follow stringent security procedures that include the following measures:

  • No exterior signage

  • Encrypted smartcard readers

  • Perimeter and internal video surveillance

  • Video capture and retention to meet compliance requirements

  • Biometric authentication

  • Security breach alarms

  • Secure locking cabinets and cages

Our next-generation facilities support the continual evolution of our infrastructure to meet high compute standards. Staying at the edge of innovation to increase energy efficiency and decrease cost is non-negotiable.

Redundant and Resilient Data Centers

Involta designed our data centers to be both redundant and resilient, with multiple power feeds from separate sources. They’re also backed up by multiple UPS and diesel-powered generator systems. Our purpose-built facilities provide 100% power delivery SLAs that ensure our customers’ mission-critical data center services uptime. We understand the astronomical cost of downtime and designed our facilities accordingly.

All Involta data centers operate as 100% carrier-neutral environments with access to national carriers and fiber hotels. We support these connections with multiple dedicated fiber entrances, which creates yet another layer of diversity. Involta clients leverage:

  • Predictable scaling with low latency connectivity for real-time business continuity

  • Enterprise-class network security with 24x7x365 performance monitoring

  • Owned blended Internet, data center interconnect, or direct carrier access

  • Dark or lit metro connectivity

  • Cloud on-ramp to leading hyperscale providers

  • Peering and hosting of regional Internet Exchange points

We consider all the details to ensure we uphold our commitment to transforming our clients’ worlds through technology. Meeting our high standards comes down to our People who Deliver. Our team’s expertise and dedication truly set us apart in the markets we serve.

Take a Virtual Data Center Tour

If you’ve ever wondered what the inside of a data center looks like—or are interested in a behind-the-scenes tour from the comfort of your office—check out our Virtual 360º data center tour. You can explore all the nooks and crannies of an Involta data center using your computer, or you can bust out your virtual reality (VR) glasses for an all-encompassing experience.

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