As of May 15, 2024, Involta began operating under the name Ark Data Centers. This content may contain references to our former company name.

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Involta SecurePower: Redefining Enterprise Data Center Colocation


Introducing Involta SecurePower Colocation—our latest innovation in data center colocation for enterprises. Designed to meet the increasing demands of mission-critical infrastructure in the digital era, Involta SecurePower Colocation (SecurePower) has a simple promise: Reliable. Secure. Scalable.

Why SecurePower Stands Out

SecurePower is a testament to Involta’s rich legacy in data center expertise, a modern solution forged from decades of industry experience. This service is the culmination of our longstanding commitment to excellence in data center management, reflecting a deep understanding of its evolution and the innovative paths ahead. Our approach is distinct in several ways:

  • Adaptability and Scalability: SecurePower is synonymous with growth. We built it to evolve, matching your business’s pace with customizable and scalable infrastructure solutions.
  • Robust Construction: Our commitment to reliability is embodied in our facilities’ design, ensuring your operations’ continuity with redundant power systems and advanced climate control.
  • Investment in Resilience: Opting for SecurePower is an investment in future-proofing your enterprise, in line with Involta’s dedication to creating robust, enduring technology solutions.
  • Sustainability Leadership: We lead with sustainability, marrying energy efficiency strategies with advanced power infrastructure to work toward a greener, more sustainable future.

Your Cost-Effective Strategic Advantage

SecurePower’s power-based pricing model aligns directly with your usage, offering a transparent, scalable approach to managing your resources and budget effectively. We’ll work with you to determine the right level of service for your business, whether that’s an All-In colocation solution or Flexible Commit, a more fluid option with a fixed contract term that charges for actual power usage.

Choosing SecurePower translates into significant cost savings for your enterprise. By shifting from CapEx to OpEx with our colocation services, you avoid the hefty upfront investments required for building, maintaining, and upgrading private data center facilities. Instead, you’ll leverage our economies of scale and advanced infrastructure at a more predictable monthly cost that aligns with your usage and needs. This financial flexibility frees up capital, allowing you to invest in core business areas that drive growth and innovation.


Our Core Promise: Reliability, Security, Scalability

SecurePower will bolster your mission-critical infrastructure with unmatched protection and cost predictability that echo Involta’s legacy of resilience and sustainability.


Colocation Services Designed to Grow with You

Involta is the premier partner for enterprises poised for expansion. We navigate the complexities of scaling technology with you, especially when compliance and security are key. SecurePower is our commitment to a partnership that’s built to last, ensuring that the resilience and scalability of your business grows alongside Involta. Join us, and let’s build a future where your technological infrastructure is the last thing you need to worry about.


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