As of May 15, 2024, Involta began operating under the name Ark Data Centers. This content may contain references to our former company name.

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Involta: Mission Is Possible.


Involta is an innovative agent of change that has been delivering world-class enterprise colocation, connectivity and cloud solutions for nearly 20 years. We’ve gone beyond the hardware and software to cultivate long-lasting relationships with our partners, collaborating to provide best-in-class services, solutions and data center facilities that enable our clients to transform their worlds through innovative technology.

Last month, Involtans from around the nation gathered in Denver alongside our trusted long-time partners for Mission IsPossible, our 2024 Sales Kick-Off (SKO) event, to build their knowledge and skillsets, align our goals and tactics for the upcoming year and celebrate an exciting and successful 2023. Over the years, SKO has evolved into a hotbed for innovation and collaboration among our sales teams, product experts and valued partners. The in-person connections forged at SKO pave the way for continued growth and evolution and position Involta to meet the rising demands of the edge markets we serve.

SKO 2024: Unleashing Our Potential

SKO wouldn’t be complete without Involta’s friends and sponsors at Rinderknecht, Dell, Pure Storage, VMWare, Veeam, Microsoft, SentinelOne, IBM, Ingram Micro and Giant Voices. We’re lucky to be in good company with these strong partners, and always value our time spent learning from and with their teams.

When our People Who Deliver arrived in Denver, Microsoft gave them a warm greeting by hosting a Welcome Happy Hour at the Four Seasons Hotel. New and seasoned Involtans, including newly-appointed CEO Brett Lindsey, connected and prepared for the week ahead over delicious food and drinks.

On Monday, the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed crew gathered for an indulgent breakfast sponsored by Veeam, whose opening address underscored the importance of broadening the strong partnership built between Involta and Veeam—setting the stage for a fireside chat with members of Involta’s leadership team to illuminate our direction and ambitions for 2024.

We then handed the mic to our valued clients for a riveting customer panel highlighting Involta’s agile assistance and robust solutions. After a great lunch and go-to-market presentation from Pure Storage, we dove into our sales analytics and the roll-out of Involta’s enhanced Partner Community. To end the day, the Involtans joined the Pure Storage team again for a Monday Night Football watch party and dinner, where the drinks and conversation flowed effortlessly, amid the Michigan-Washington fan rivalry in the room.

Tuesday proved to be another bustling day as the Involtans took a deep dive into our core colocation, cloud and connectivity services with insightful and competitive roleplaying. Following lunch and a go-to-market roadmap presentation from Dell Technologies, the roleplaying teams split up to compete in a Shark Tank-inspired competition, where sales teams presented their sales and storytelling pitches and the executive team determined an overall winner. We closed the night with a VMWare-sponsored celebratory reception and awards dinner to honor the Involtans who went above and beyond in 2023 to ensure our clients, vendors and partners received uncompromising excellence.

Our final day in Denver began with an invigorating presentation from Don Yaeger, renowned Team Leadership Speaker, on the importance of storytelling. Involta’s People Who Deliver learned the ten key principles of a well-told story, walking away with applicable lessons to increase their professional opportunities and set themselves apart from the competition. Before heading home, the Involta Cares crew took the stage to highlight the strong impact that Involta has had on our communities. Through our Involta Cares volunteering initiative, teams in each edge market volunteered a total of 311 hours to local organizations and programs, with the Youngstown crew taking home the Involta Cares Victory Belt for most hours donated in 2023.

Celebrating A Year of Uncompromising Excellence

2023 was an exciting, opportunity-filled year for Involta. From new product launches to expanding our data center footprint into new markets to achieving impressive recognition across our channels, we were lucky to have trusted partners alongside us every step of the way.

Dell Technologies, Involta’s Partner of the Year award winner, provided invaluable marketing and sales effort support in 2023. The Dell and Involta teams collaborated to host insightful conversations, most notably the BizNow Manufacturing Webinar and Becker’s Healthcare Webinar, assisted with co-branded collateral deliverables and held training sessions to help grow our sales team’s skillsets.

But the power of partnership doesn’t stop there. Alongside our long-time partner Veeam, Involta co-hosted “Unveiling the Power of Involta and Veeam Backup Services”, an in-person and webinar event in Tucson, and launched our Next-Generation Backup as a Service (BaaS) offering. Our strong partnership with Pure Storage led to the launch of the Involta + Pure Storage Partner Portal, and the support of our partners at Rinderknecht, IBM, Ingram Micro, Microsoft, VMWare, SentinelOne and Giant Voices has helped drive growth and positive evolution in each edge market we serve.

The Tech Specs

Involta ended the year with a bang, announcing the acquisition of a 24.5-acre data center site located in the Green Bay market. With plans to increase the campus capacity to 20 MW, this new location positions Involta to deliver much-needed power capabilities, enterprise colocation space and best-in-class hybrid IT solutions to the New North region. This acquisition comes alongside our Tucson data center expansion, which will increase the facility’s capacity to 1.0 MW.

With a focus on making reliable, secure internet more accessible for everyone, Involta launched two Internet Exchanges in Boise, ID, and Tucson, AZ. These exchanges are transforming internet connectivity and decreasing service costs for users by creating local peering opportunities and additional access points in both areas, allowing a range of participants to exchange internet traffic inexpensively through a shared switch fabric hosted in Involta’s world-class data center facilities.

Our expert teams also revamped some of the most imperative aspects of our core colocation, cloud and connectivity services and solutions. By introducing next-generation Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS+), Cloud+ and BaaS offerings, and with our most recent launch of Involta SecurePower Colocation (SecurePower), Involta has enhanced our commitment to delivering Superior Infrastructure and Services that empower our clients to reimagine their worlds through innovative technology.

Using Our Success For Good

In 2023, Involta launched our inaugural Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report, setting high standards for responsible technology business practices. In the energy-intensive IT industry, it’s imperative that companies constantly explore new options to decrease carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency—but the path to greener technology hasn’t always been so clear. When Involta was founded in 2007, there was no direct roadmap toward environmentally-friendly data center initiatives. Instead, forward-thinking companies that understood the impact of their environmental footprint focused on incremental, everyday changes that drove more sustainable operations.

Through these everyday innovations, Involta has become the sustainable IT partner of choice, achieving the coveted Idaho Award for Leadership in Energy Efficiency and acquiring Energy Star Certifications from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for six of our data centers. The facilities, located in Duluth, Akron, Independence, Boise, Northpointe and Tucson, implemented energy-efficient initiatives such as Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC), motion-sensor LED lighting, hot and cold aisle containment, replacing end-of-life equipment with higher-efficiency equipment and responsible recycling and disposal of electronics and hazardous waste. By continuously tracking energy usage and efficiencies, our teams in each edge market have been able to make informed decisions on data center upgrades, leading Involta to achieve 50% energy efficiency improvements between our flagship facility, commissioned in 2008, and our newest facilities.

Through Involta Cares, our volunteering initiative established in 2018, our People Who Deliver donated more than 311 hours of their time to support the communities that support us with food and clothing drives, STEM education programs, community clean-ups and direct volunteer opportunities with local hospitals and non-profit organizations. By the end of 2023, the Involtans raised nearly $100,000 for various charitable contributions across the nation.


Involta would like to give one final thank you to our sponsors and partners who helped make 2023 a success. We look forward to another year of continued learning, collaboration and community engagement as we unleash our potential in 2024. Now, let’s get to innovating!

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