As of May 15, 2024, Involta began operating under the name Ark Data Centers. This content may contain references to our former company name.


Involta Beyond the Hardware: Attracting and Retaining People Who Deliver With A Healthy Work-Life Balance


Involta is determined to be an employer of choice in each edge market we serve. We strive to be a company that employees feel proud to work for while delivering innovative, customer-focused IT solutions that exceed expectations. We’re on a mission to continue cultivating a healthy company culture that attracts, retains and inspires People Who Deliver, in and out of the data center.

In today’s fast-paced technology landscape, Involta’s commitment to our brand values is paramount. They inspire us to show up ready to empower our clients through superior technology solutions. Beyond our IT services, these same values have led us to create a company culture that encourages both professional and personal growth, prioritizes community involvement and promotes a healthy work-life balance for our employees.

Living Our Values

Much like the industries we serve, Involta’s company culture is ever-evolving. We firmly believe that company culture should directly reflect the values most important to the brand and drive the promise made to clients, partners and employees.

Rooted in our mission to DRIVE transformation through our values, Dedication, Results, Integrity, Vision and Experience, Involta’s brand promise consists of three elements: Superior Infrastructure and Services, Operational Excellence and People Who Deliver. Involtans are subject matter experts you can call on any time because we live where you live.

Our company values are more than a recruitment talking point—we strive to maintain an environment where employees have the freedom and desire to innovate, learn and make a difference in the workplace and their local communities. Guided by our values, our teams build strong internal, client and partner relationships based on trust and collaboration while addressing the most exacting performance, compliance and security requirements of the industries we serve.

“There’s something special about recruiting for a company that deeply cares for its employees. Involta’s drive for innovation doesn’t just apply to the services we provide but to our company culture as well. Simply put, Involta knows that to attract and retain People Who Deliver, we have to be an employer that delivers. When I meet with prospective employees, I’m able to go in with full confidence, knowing our company culture isn’t just for show—our competitive benefits and pay, community service and sustainability initiatives, flexible schedules and opportunities for growth and learning make Involta the employer of choice in the IT industry.”

Brandon Bealer, Talent Recruiter at Involta


Sustaining Success: The Important Role of a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance has long been a key component of Involta’s company culture. Life doesn’t always go as planned, and we understand that strict work schedules can conflict with employees’ ability to be active in their communities, schedule personal appointments and be present for family and friends. Involta takes a more modern approach to ensure flexibility and autonomy for our People Who Deliver. Why? Because we don’t believe employees should have to miss life’s big (or small) moments.

Our strong company culture and emphasis on work-life balance have undoubtedly helped guide Involta’s growth. Since 2018, Involta has hired more than 270 people and promoted more than 140 existing employees to open positions. Our team remains motivated and engaged at work because they’re empowered to prioritize their physical and mental health, their families and their many passions. Involtans are encouraged to maintain a healthy work-life balance through benefits such as:

  • Flexible schedules and remote/hybrid work options
  • Generous PTO
  • Paid volunteer hours
  • Paid parental leave
  • Countless learning and career growth opportunities


Our employees are trusted to create and maintain a balanced schedule that empowers them at work and at home. The flexibility and autonomy Involta provides have noticeably boosted productivity and employee engagement, strengthened our company culture and internal connections and reduced feelings of burn-out and exhaustion.

Involta’s Greatest Asset: Our People Who Deliver

At the end of the day, Involta knows that we’re only able to offer superior infrastructure and services and uncompromising excellence because of our People Who Deliver. Our company’s success relies on employee engagement, satisfaction and passion. A healthy work-life balance strengthens our employee’s trust, fosters personal and professional engagement and allows our team to approach work ready to drive innovative, focused solutions for clients in each edge market we serve.

When it comes to Involta’s company culture, we’re always on the hunt for ways we can better support, engage and nurture our employees.


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