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Cultivating Client Excellence: Insights From Involta’s Vice President of Client Experience

This blog stems from Professor Dahui Li’s 2023 Journal of Information Technology Case and Application Research Industry Opinion Report, Enhancing the Client Experience by Employing Conscientious Processes: an Interview with Lucas Mistelske, Vice President of Client Experience, Involta LLC. 

Effective customer relationship management is critical for businesses in the IT service industry. Since 2007, Involta has been a leading innovative agent of change, offering enterprise data center facilities, connectivity and infrastructure solutions designed to meet the most stringent security requirements. While our organization has achieved tremendous growth over the past two decades, we’ve never lost sight of our commitment to our clients.

Lucas Mistelske, Vice President of Client Experience at Involta, sat down for an interview with Professor Dahui Li, a previous faculty member at the University of Minnesota, Duluth, and current professor of management information systems at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, to provide insight into how Involta leverages our Midwest roots and values to cultivate a unique approach to relationship building and client experience for Dahui’s 2023 Journal of Information Technology Case and Application Research Industry Opinion Report, Enhancing the Client Experience by Employing Conscientious Processes. Let’s dig in!

A Client Experience That Transcends IT

At Involta, we know that success for our clients begins with a strong foundation of partnership. Our always-personal, never-transactional approach empowers clients to harness the power of technology without sacrificing the grounded, thoughtful and individualized approach of a trusted regional partner.

“When we developed the Client Experience organization, we set out on a mission to acutely define what sets Involta apart,” said Lucas Mistelske, Involta’s VP of Client Experience. “The first thing we identified is that our clients love our people. Involta’s brand promise, ‘Superior Infrastructure and Services, Operational Excellence and People Who Deliver,’ creates a symbiotic relationship between hardware and human outcomes….This set the foundation for a culture centered around serving clients with excellent infrastructure and service-driven individuals.”

By closely collaborating with our clients to gain a clear understanding of their unique needs, Involta is able to confidently match their requirements with the right facilities, connectivity and IT solutions. In turn, our clients’ concerns about technology management and ownership are alleviated, enabling them to turn their focus to core business and revenue-driving initiatives. 

Client Feedback and Closing the Loop

As a relationship-based organization, Involta’s People Who Deliver are the catalyst behind our unmatched client experience, and we pride ourselves on establishing deep-rooted connections with our clients. Our Client Experience team is focused on measuring and attentively listening to client feedback in order to recognize areas for improvement and implement procedural adjustments when necessary.

Involta uses tried-and-true Client Satisfaction (CSAT) surveys to gather transactional feedback from our clients and measure individual interactions. Questions such as “Did your request get resolved in a timely manner?” and “Was the agent prompt and helpful?” give clients the opportunity to offer subjective feedback on their recent interactions. 

However, CSAT surveys only give a portion of the whole story, and the long-term connections Involta strives to cultivate can be difficult to quantify. Because of this, we’ve established several other methods of soliciting and measuring feedback, including the Net Promoter Score (NPS), an industry-agnostic metric that is used to measure the overarching relationship between a client and a provider. 

The NPS metric is derived from a client’s answer to a single question: “On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to refer Involta to a business colleague?” The output of this score gives us a barometer of where we stand with our overall relationship, rather than focusing on a singular transaction. These individual scores are then used to inform aggregated annual NPS ratings, which range from -100 to +100. In 2022, Involta received an Industry Leader score of 72, positioning us in the 95th percentile of all IT service providers.

So, how do we ensure our clients engage with these surveys and provide valuable feedback? Through the art of communication and attentive listening—or, as we like to call it, “Closing the Loop.” We prioritize human interaction, letting the client know we’re listening to their input with direct personal phone calls and authentic emails from real individuals (no automated responses here!) to acknowledge that we’ve not only received their valued feedback but that we’re actively using it to make necessary improvements.

Excellence Driven by Industry Experts

While post-project client feedback and surveys are a critical component of excellent client experience, Involta knows that anticipating challenges and trends, both in the IT sector and the industries in which our clients operate, is just as important.

Involta leans on our established Manufacturing, Healthcare and Finance Advisory Boards, comprised of executives and industry experts from leading organizations across the U.S., for direct feedback and strategic advisory. We draw upon the knowledge, industry expertise and substantial business experience provided by these trailblazers to test different approaches to their unique needs and seek insight on emerging technology trends and challenges within their industries. This close collaboration empowers Involta to stay at the forefront of technological innovation and enables our clients to leverage IT services and infrastructure to improve security, reduce downtime and maintain their competitive edge in the fast-paced industries they serve.

Our client experience procedures and advisory board efforts position Involta to successfully respond to challenges and industry shifts before they become problematic. The feedback we’ve received has led Involta to make informed, meaningful changes to organizational structure and processes, such as modifying our support division to give clients a more “familiar” feel as they interacted with technicians and restructuring our sales team to emphasize individual attention over a transactional approach.

Exceeding Client Expectations, Now and in the Future

Achieving consistent excellence for our clients is an ever-evolving journey. As the IT industry steadily progresses at a rapid pace, Involta strives to maintain a high-touch, boutique feeling for our clients. Continuing to offer a unique experience while Involta grows and scales is a challenge that remains at the forefront of our minds as we plan for the future.

By meeting clients on their terms with a collaborative approach, enhancing our 24/7/365 Service Delivery Center team with new tools, knowledge and resources that elevate our direct interaction with clients and implementing initiatives like dimensionalized “Next-Gen” product offerings, which allow clients to select the right-sized, prescriptive solutions for their needs, Involta is able to successfully serve our clients well into the future.

Though the path to excellence changes often, Involta is always pushing forward on our innovation journey, and we remain dedicated to delivering top-notch client experience with each interaction. The tangible accomplishments we’ve experienced inspire us to learn, grow and persist in operational transformations that result in success for our company, clients and partners every single time.

Li, D. (2023). Enhancing the client experience by employing conscientious processes: an interview with Lucas Mistelske, Vice President of client experience, Involta LLC. Journal of Information Technology Case and Application Research, 25(4), 333–338.

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