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A Conversation with Involta’s Enterprise Architect: Scott Evers Featured on Acclaimed TWiT Podcast


Scott Evers, Enterprise Architect at Involta, recently shared his perspective on multiple IT topics and trends facing enterprises on “This Week In Tech,” a podcast from TWiT, an industry-leading all-tech podcast network.

Key takeaways from the impactful episode include his insights related to why it’s a critical necessity for IT teams to prioritize attracting and advancing talent within DevSecOps (development, security and operations) roles. In addition, Evers highlighted workload-focused cloud migrations and the future of enterprise colocation and edge computing.

For more insights related to IT for enterprises, watch the TWiT podcast in its entirety.

DevSecOps Expertise Is Critical

During the discussion, Evers emphasized the growing need for enterprises to embrace a combination of development and security expertise across IT operations. A stronger focus on DevSecOps will help IT teams overcome the challenges of managing multiple business initiatives, including staying innovative, taking advantage of new technologies like AI, and maintaining legacy systems—in addition to keeping infrastructure secure.

For additional support, enlisting the help of a trusted security partner like Involta enables IT teams to develop a comprehensive security roadmap that includes solutions aligned to meet compliance and business goals.

Workload-Focused Cloud Assessments: From the 6 Rs to a Successful Action Plan

The podcast also includes conversations around the importance of workload-focused cloud migrations. A thorough application assessment allows organizations to analyze each application’s individual workload to determine its optimal location, whether it’s with a hyperscaler, private cloud or an on-premise data center. Framing up a workload-focused, hybrid cloud solution begins by assessing the 6 Rs: rehost, replatform, repurchase, refactor, retire or retain. Utilizing this methodology will help IT teams make more informed decisions on how to build a successful cloud transformation action plan.

The Future of Edge and Enterprise Colocation is Now

When asked about the edge, Evers shared that most enterprises have been operating at some version of the edge with workloads managed by on-prem data centers. As we look toward the future, the combination of enterprise colocation and edge computing has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses operate in an increasingly digital world. Enterprise colocation, which involves housing data center infrastructure in third-party facilities, has long provided companies with cost-effective, scalable and secure solutions for their IT needs. However, the emergence of edge computing, characterized by data processing at or near the data source, is also impacting the IT landscape.

As more data-intensive applications and IoT devices come into play, the demand for low-latency, high-speed connectivity is growing. This convergence of colocation and edge computing is poised to create a dynamic ecosystem where businesses can harness its power, enabling faster decision-making, faster data transfer times and improved user experiences.

Involta leverages nearly two decades of expertise in data center operations, infrastructure management and service to provide the most robust IT solutions across multiple edge markets. Our 12 enterprise-class, Tier III data centers are purpose-built and designed with security, power, compliance, scalability and sustainability in mind. We take a consultative hybrid IT approach that matches workload and application requirements with the appropriate infrastructure solution. Our fully compliant, premium wholesale data center colocation environments are rack-ready and can meet the needs of enterprises across multiple industries, including healthcare, finance, manufacturing and technology.

To learn more, visit our enterprise-focused IT solutions page.

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