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Involta’s Service Desk is a fresh solution that helps you manage, track and organize customer communication, enabling your business to respond more quickly and effectively. When you choose Involta’s Service Desk, you get the best support for your team and enable them to provide a great experience for customers.

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Built on customer service, the Involta Service Desk can be one of the most integral tools to your business. From scaling your IT team to maintaining compliance easily, our service desk can provide you with a better understanding of your infrastructure, so you can support your customer base successfully. You get more productivity from your employees and your customers get a seamless experience.


Expect more from your service desk.


Understand what systems are experiencing the most issues and causing unnecessary inefficiencies.

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Build tight integrations with critical business workloads for proactive, real-time monitoring.

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Multi-channel support

Have a full team of experts behind the service desk to ensure complete issue resolution.

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Let manual tasks like new user provisioning, virus scans and OS patching become a thing of the past with next-level automation practices.

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Self service

Have a question? Did you lock yourself out of your workstation?  Resolve it quickly with Involta Self-Support.

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Ease of use

One place to go for all your IT worries. Our professionally trained customer service representatives resolve issues quickly - often on the first call.

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We know service. We know business.

Our service desk is staffed with industry-leading certified associates who offer first-contact resolution and troubleshooting of technology incidents and questions. We provide organization by keeping your ticket process clean and giving your employees the tools that they need to best do their job. The Involta Service Desk includes features that provide context and insight into customer experiences as well as internal performance benchmarks that ensure your IT team is focused on driving your core business.

Business benefits

  • Faster collaboration between teams to help you deliver enterprise-class customer service
  • Free up employee time so they can focus on your core business
  • Improve satisfaction and productivity through automation of your IT team
  • Minimize capital investment
  • Predictability for support and service
  • Monthly billing with predictable costs
  • Stabilized IT staffing
  • Increased level of customer service
  • Have a unified support channel

How can Involta’s Service Desk support your business objectives?

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